Profitable Facebook Ads Blueprint

Let me ask you something...

Are You Ready To Master Facebook Ads To Get More Leads and Sales?

Do you want to use Facebook Ads to consistently sell your products and services, book strategy sessions, fill webinars and events... like 1000's of other entrepreneurs who cracked the "facebook code"? 


Facebook Ads Don't Have To Be Scary Or Costly (If You Know How To Use It)

Maybe you've already realised you should be using Ads to promote your freebies and events, but still can't figure out what you should actually do to make it work... 

Or maybe you've tried it already but all it seemed to achieve was to drain your credit card without generating any returns!

If so I bet you will love this quick step-by-step training on how to create your first profitable campaign that won't cost a small fortune! 

If you've been spending hours on Facebook Ads, trying to figure out how to use all the systems and features, but having no luck, it's not your fault! 

The Facebook Ads strategy or interface weren't designed for the non-marketers - but that doesn't mean you can't master it!  

You're about to uncover exactly what it takes to rock it with profitable Facebook Ads campaigns. 

You can literally spend an hour setting up Ads, go to sleep, and generate leads. 

Think about how amazing you'll feel when you finally start running Ads and your list starts to fill up with new potential clients! 

Get A Training That Works

That's exactly why I've created this Profitable Facebook Ads Blueprint training where I spill all my secrets, training, 10+ years of marketing experience... into a quick to-the-point course, guiding you how to use Facebook Ads strategy to make more money for your business.

Pen and paper


Discover the exact steps I follow when I create Facebook Ads for 6-figure launches.



Get the exact formula I use to test and create profitable Ads that convert and bring revenue.



Learn to create Ads designs to attract attention from your ideal customers in the Newsfeed.



I'll hold your hand as we tour the Ads interface and all the wonderful features it contains.



When Facebook updates Power Editor and Ads Manager - the training gets updated too.

mobile devices


Testing, Re-targeting, Scaling, Audiences, Pixels, Placement Options - we don't leave a stone unturned.

"I've had a 6 figure launch reaching exactly the right people that belonged in that course. I can't now imagine doing a launch without you!

More importantly than being a successful launch in terms of attendance, I think we reached exactly the people that really belong in that course. I left the targeting in Facebook completely up to your expertise. I just answered your questions, but you put the whole targeting strategy together. So I think I’m really happy with those results, not only the attendance and the revenue brought in, but also the people that you brought in were so amazing."

Christa Meola - Online Boudoir Workshop

Facebook Ads gave my business the exposure it needed and leads! 

Thank you Tamara for once again saving me! I am a creative person and my brain loves to create, and I am in my “happy place” when I am there. However as a business owner I need analytics and details in my business, which you do so well. I want to thank you for extracting the information you needed out of my brain and turned it into a language that works in marketing campaigns. Thank you for writing up my Facebook Ads and setting them up for me. I would not have been able to do it without you. It has helped get the exposure my business needed as well as getting over 2500 new subscribers to my magazine.”

Sharon White - Global Healing Exchange

I've made $130K from 2 webinars in 30 days! 

I have a secret weapon, her name is Tamara. She is amazing and has helped me to refine my webinar, marketing funnel & Facebook ad strategies recently. With Tamara’s refinement of what I already had (and her brilliant, strategic ads), we made $130k from 2 webinars in 30 days. I especially love that Tamara runs tons of ads in the beginning and quickly tests and refines them to find the ones that provide the greatest return on investment. I don’t know how she does it but Tamara appears to be watching the ads 24/7, possibly even in her sleep. 😉 Lastly, Tamara always provides me with a solid report that really helps me to understand the investment I’ve made, the returns I received and how I can continue to benefit from the ads long after they are turned off. I have recommended Tamara to my clients and friends. She’s the best!”

Rachel Rodgers - The Small Business Bodyguard

I've celebrated my BEST LAUNCH EVER with 20x ROI! 

If you need help with your online launch I’m sure you’ll love working with Tamara! She was the launch strategist for my recent 6-figure launch and did a great job with strategy, project management and Facebook Ads (getting 20x ROI from just $6K of ads spend, and nearly doubling the size of my email list).”

Lana Shlafer - Mindset and Life Coach

Here's What You Get

3-part easy to follow video training:

  • Guide to Facebook Ads Strategy and Audience Research
  • Create ad copy that convert social media users into leads, choose images that grab attention, 
  • Find your buyers on Facebook with 3 key strategies
  • Set up your account for easy tracking of results!  
  • Guide to Ads Manager
  • Easily load your ads the RIGHT way for maximum success
  • Learn proven strategies for scaling ads that work well
  • Boost posts and quickly edit ads with Ads Manager  
  • Scaling, Reporting on and Optimising Your Campaigns
  • Now that your ads are live... how do you really know if they are working well? What metrics are important from all the data that Facebook gives you?
  • Find the answer to these questions to scale your ads budget while getting a healthy ROI!

PLUS... Bonuses!

1. You will receive my Facebook Ads Swipe File showing you how to design eye-catching and attractive images for your Ads (worth $29).

2. You will receive the 20-pages Facebook Ads Strategy Workbook to help you plan a profitable campaign targeting exactly the right audiences and interests. You will also learn how, from the very beginning your campaign can pay for itself giving you $2 for each $1 you invest. (worth $47)

3. You can also get LIVE support and have all your questions answered in a private Facebook Community where I hang out every day. (value - PRICELESS!)

4. PLUS - you will receive a recording from a live workshop session Facebook Ads Copy Hacks For 6-Figure Launches where attendes paid $997 to attend. This recording will teach you proven Ad Copy frameworks for your campaigns along with templates and examples.

When clients work with me directly they will pay at least $2500 just to get started with a simple funnel, while launches are $7500+. However I wanted to make this resource available to as many new entrepreneurs as possible, those who haven't got the budget yet to invest into 1-to-1 service. So although the Profitable Facebook Ads Blueprint course is worth at least $2500 (as it's the same proven frameworks private clients pay this much for), I want to offer to you for just $197.  

You read that correctly... 

This Entire Training Is Yours For Just $197

It's my way of giving back and paying forward. 

Plus... it's totally risk-free for you! 

There is also my full no-questions guarantee.

100% Money-Back Guarantee

You have 14 Days to watch and use the training as much as you want. Go ahead, create campaigns, download everything, test it all out. If you don't think it was worth EVERY cent - just let me know and I'll give you a 100% refund. No hassle, just drop me an email, and I'll issue a refund. 

Click the button above to get immediate access to the full course and all bonuses. There is no risk for you with my full money-back guarantee!

What Do I Know About Facebook Ads?

My name is Tamara Baranova. I'm an online business strategist and a certified marketing manager. I've been studying Facebook Ads for years to generate leads, sales, and exposure in my business (which I started back in 2007). 

I've generated 6-figure launches and 5-figure evergreen monthly funnels for my clients over the years.

This crash course is a compilation of all my experience and training, and now I want to share it with you. 


Real Clients... Real Results!


I liked the stepped-out process! 

Thanks Tamara, I got most of the class before having to go to work and it was great, I really like that you have stepped out the process (process is not a strong point for me). I am looking forward to watching the rest. Thanks!!! 

- Narelle Shiell, Rellevance Business Solutions

I've put together 2 campaigns for my business! 

Thanks to the Facebook Ads training, I got a better understanding of how to use Facebook for the different aspects of growing my business. I'm now feeling empowered to manage the tech side of my marketing needs and not feeling anymore like I can't do it. I've been able to put together 2 campaigns for my business already. So thanks for your education, it's great. 

- Alexis Bloomstrand, Nourish and Thrive


Don't Waste Your Time - Take This Shortcut

Let's be honest, learning a new platform takes time. 

I've spent years studying social media and marketing, investing thousands into training courses and events, working with 100s of clients - that's why I know what works.  

Take this opportunity to learn from my years of experience. 

Get it right first time... without wasting money on sucky ads and start creating campaigns that bring you leads and sales, TODAY! 

What Will You Decide?

You can spend weeks or months trying to learn all about Facebook Ads... 

Or you can take my Course and hit the ground running


Get immediate access to all training and resources

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